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Kukla,Ya�l� Boya ve G�zel Sanatlara Haz�rl�k Kurslar� -

Mimar Sinan Güzel Sanatlar Üniversitesi Sahne Dekor Kostüm ve Kukla Tasar�m� bölümü mezunu Asuman Sübay  atölyesinde kendi i�lerinin yan� s�ra kukla, ya�l� boya resim ve güzel sanatlara haz�rl�k dersleri vermektedir

Yeni D�nem -

7 Ekim 2006 Cumartesi gününden itibaren Güzel sanatlara haz�rl�k kurslar�m�z ba�lam��t�r.

Discover Your Capability
A graduate of Mimar Sinan University of Fine Arts, Setting Decoration and
Costume Design, Asuman Sübay gives preparatory lessons for Fine
Arts Faculties entrance examinations, Oil Painting and Puppet Making besides her own Works in her atelier.
Telephone :  0212 245 96 59                E-Mail:

The aim is to make the students who wish to enter Fine Arts Faculties reach the ability to draw objects, figures, areas
And compositions from the imagination.
Prerequests demanded from the students are: paper,pencil and disciplined
Exercising ;)
Pattern, colour, composition and various colouring techniques will be taught to
Everybody who understands the Art of Life.
Besides the teaching of puppet making techniques, an encouraging approach
Towards creativity will be shown. Apart from that, depiction cutting for Karagöz will be taught to those who are devoted  to this art.




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